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Chelsea Clock Company, The First Hundred Years 

U. S. Patent and Design Patent Documents

Starting with the Harvard Clock Company and their first U. S. Patent, dated December 28, 1880, many inventors and the family of companies that followed the Harvard Clock Company produced designs that would set the foundation for the marine clocks of the next 125 years.   The following table lists patent and design patent numbers, inventor, date, title and assignee.  These patents can be viewed by clicking on the patent or design patent number links and scrolling down to view all pages.  The Google Patent Search link below can be used to do your own patent searches, using patent/design number, inventor, patent date, patent title or assignee. 


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Patent/Design #      Inventor                  Patent Date                  Patent Title                               Assignee


236,016                        James H. Gerry                 December 28, 1880              Clock                                                     Harvard Clock Co.

236,017                        James H. Gerry                 December 28, 1880              Winding Attachments for Clocks             Harvard Clock Co. 

343,629                        Joseph H. Eastman           June 15, 1886                        Tandem Wind Movement                       Boston Clock Co.

343,947                        Joseph H. Eastman           June 15, 1886                        Clock winding mechanism                       Boston Clock Co. 
                                     Abraham Craig

360,648                        Charles Bickford              Apr 5, 1887                            Device for letting down Boston              Boston Clock Co./C. Bickford
                                                                                                                           Tandem Wind Mainsprings

374,142                        Abraham Craig                 Nov 29, 1887                        Mode of Finishing Wheel Blanks             Boston Clock Co.

394,816                        Charles Bickford              Dec 18, 1888                         Remontoire for Boston Tandem              Boston Clock Co./C. Bickford
                                                                                                                           Wind Movement

482,393                        Benjamin F. Stockford     Sept 13, 1892                        Speed & Whistle Recorder for                Boston Clock Co./B. F. Stockford         
                                                                                                                           Locomotive Engines                                 

500,717                        John S. Negus                  July 4. 1893                           Ship's Bell Clock                                    Boston Clock Co./John S. Negus

533,581                        Abraham Craig                 Feb 5, 1895                          Clock                                                     A. Craig

613,183                        George W. Adams           Oct 25, 1898                         Clock Striking Mechanism                      Chelsea Clock Co./C. H. Pearson

633,257                        George W. Adams           Sept 19, 1899                        Clock                                                     Chelsea Clock Co./C. H. Pearson

650,979                       Walter K. Menns              Jun 5, 1900                           Ship's Bell Clock                                     Chelsea Clock Co./C. H. Pearson
664,886                       George D. McMillan         Jan 1, 1901                           Ship's Bell Clock                                     Vermont Clock Co./G. D. McMillan

689,899                       Walter K. Menns              Dec 31, 1901                        Ship's Bell Clock Case                            Chelsea Clock Co./C. H. Pearson

D37411                       Walter E. McGraw           Apr 18, 1905                         Design Patent M&M Base                      Chelsea Clock Co.

D37587                       Walter E. McGraw           Oct 24, 1905                         Design Patent B&B Case                        Chelsea Clock Co.

D37736                       Walter E. McGraw           Dec 19, 1905                        Design Patent Car Clock Case                 Chelsea Clock Co.

D38187                       Walter E. McGraw          Aug 21, 1906                         Design Patent Library Case                      Chelsea Clock Co. 

1,001,668                   Walter K. Menns              Aug 29, 1911                         Automatic Ship's Bell                               Chelsea Clock Co.

1,025,821                   Walter E. Mcgraw            May 7, 1912                          Device for Improving Tone of Gongs        Chelsea Clock Co./C. H. Pearson          

1,037,952                   Walter K. Menns              Sept 10, 1912                        Speed Indicating & Recording Device      Chelsea Clock Co.
1,089,246                   Walter K. Menns              Mar 3, 1914                           Speed Indicating & Recording Device      Chelsea Clock Co.

1,094,582                   Walter K. Menns              Apr 28, 1914                          Stem Winding & Setting Mechanism        Chelsea Clock Co.

1,099,307                   Walter K. Menns              June 9, 1914                           Car Clock Wind & Set                           Chelsea Clock Co.

1,331,163                   Walther K. Menns            Feb 17, 1920                          Stem Wind Car Clock                              Chelsea Clock Co.

1,354,674                   Walter K. Menns             Oct 5, 1920                             Recording Timepiece                                Boston Clock Co.(Chelsea)

1,360,308                   Walter K. Menns             Nov 30, 1920                          Time Controlling Mechanism (gaslight)       Boston Clock Co. (Chelsea)

1,583,954                   Frederick W. Bold           May 11, 1926                          Time Controlled Motor                             Boston Clock Co. ( Chelsea)

D82,389                     Walter E. Mutz                 Oct 28, 1930                           Design Patent Outside Auto Ship's Bell      Chelsea Clock Co.

D96676                       George J. King                 Aug 27, 1935                          Design Patent for Clock Dial (radioroom)  Chelsea Clock Co.

3,921,383                    Anselm James Leone      Nov 25, 1975                           Mechanism for Tide Clock                        Bunker-Ramo Corporation

D302137                     Richard F. Leavitt            July 11, 1989                            Design Patent for Quartz Clock                Chelsea Clock Co.   

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