Boston Clock Company

Boston Clock Company, 1884-1894, continued the traditions of the Harvard Clock Company after a name change in 1884. Boston Clock Company began producing striking clocks in 1886 after the invention of the famous Boston tandem wind movement. This type was produced in house strike and in limited numbers, ship's bell.   The ship's bell clocks appear to be prototypes, as all known examples vary significantly in movement design. Circumstantial evidence exists that these ship's bell clocks marked "Boston Clock Co.", were assembled at the Vermont Clock Company circa 1900. From 1884-1894 Boston Clock Company produced approximately 15000 clocks.

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Boston Clock Company Advertisement, circa 1889

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Boston Clock Co., Ship's Bell, double rotating rod type, produced by the Vermont Clock Company circa 1900.

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Boston Clock Co., Ship's Bell, double swinging arm type. Patented by John S. Negus, July 1893

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Pennant of the New York Yacht Club. Col. Sheldon C. Reynolds, skipper of "SIGMA", was a member of the club from 1887 to 1909.

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Boston Clock Co., 10" Marine, circa 1885. Star Brass MFG. Co., Boston, Mass.

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Boston Clock Co., Sparta & Delos Carriage, time only.

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Boston Clock Co., Cyprus Carriage, tandem wind, cathedral strike.

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