Catalog A of 1906

Prior to 1906 Chelsea Clock Company advertised their clocks in magazines such as "The Rudder" and "Country Life In America" . During the early years of the company Chelsea spent the better part of their creative energy in designing and patenting numerous clock movements and cases. By 1906 these design efforts had been completed and Chelsea presented these ideas to the world in their first catalog, Catalog A of September 1, 1906. Over the next century Chelsea would add to this first catalog as new items were added or removed and prices were changed. Chelsea catalogs were noted by letter until 1928 when they were subsequently noted by number starting with catalog #14. Catalog A of 1906 contains 32 total pages. Two copies of this catalog are known to exist. One owned by the American Clock and Watch Museum, Bristol, CT. and the only known complete copy owned by the Chelsea Clock Museum. The following pages are the CCM copy containing all 32 pages.

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