Chelsea & The Decorative Arts

Chelsea Clock Company, famous for their marine clocks, and known as  "The Timekeeper's of the Sea", has also contributed in producing some of the most beautiful decorative clocks of this century.    Movements by Chelsea have been used by famous design houses including Edward Caldwell & Co., New York, Sterling Bronze Co., New York, Tiffany Studios, New York, and Bigelow, Kennard & Co., Boston.  The case work of examples shown here is exquisite and is strong testament to the high regard of the Chelsea movement.

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Marble and bronze mantels, case work by Edward Caldwell & Co., New York, both circa 1915

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Edward F. Caldwell, New York, circa 1898

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Edward F. Caldwell, New York

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Tiffany & Co., New York, circa 1927

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Theodore B. Starr Inc., New York, "QLT",  circa 1913

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Carved mahogany King Neptune Ship's Bell, Riggs & Bros., Philadelphia, circa 1907.

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Carved mahogany mantel, case work by Bigelow, Kennard & Co., Boston, circa 190

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Cut lead crystal mantel, Sinclair Glass Company, Corning, New York, circa 1925

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