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NAWCC 2021 National Convention

As part of the Maritime Clock Exhibit at the 2021 NAWCC National Convention, Jim Dyson, curator of the chelseaclockmuseum.com website, hosted a one-time show of more than 75 historically important maritime clocks. Jim Dyson has been collecting Chelsea clocks for more than three decades and is a recognized authority on Chelsea and related brands Harvard, Boston, Eastman, Fairhaven, Vermont and Tiffany; he is a retired US Navy Captain, American Airlines pilot, and has been an NAWCC member for more than 30 years.

Jim had never shown these clocks in public – and will probably not show them in public again. The videos below represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see important Chelsea and Chelsea-related clocks from what is probably the largest private collection of Chelseas in the world.

"Special thanks to the following individuals for loaning clocks for this exhibit: Larry Crutsinger, Doug Daniels, Ralph Ferone, Chester Hicks (HicksAntiqueClocks.com) and Chris Hooper (WindyCityWatchCollector.com), my cameraman. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, I would like to acknowledge my long time friend and clock mentor Roger Conner, who passed away on 3 March 2021. Without his guidance over the years, I feel this display would never have happened. Lastly, thanks to NAWCC National and Chapter 34 for the invitation to display these clocks. -- Jim Dyson"

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. Old Dominion Chapter No. 34, 12/2021

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