Harvard Clock Company

Joseph Henry Eastman, 1843-1931, was a principle in the formation of the Harvard Clock Company circa 1880. After serving his apprenticeship as a watchmaker, reputedly with E. Howard & Co., Boston, Eastman's horilogical genius began with the Harvard Clock Company and a patent for clocks dated December 28, 1880. This date is marked on most all Harvard and Boston Clock Company products. Harvard clocks are of unsurpassed quality.   Harvard Clock Company produced clocks of marine, carriage, banjo, and shelf types from 1880-1884. Known Harvard clock serial numbers range from 13 to 1186, indicating initially approximately 1200 clocks were manufactured. Extensive study of known serial numbers shows sampling in all 100 number ranges with the exception of no data points in the range 600-999. With the significant number of presently known clocks, it is fair to say with certainty, that 800 clocks is the most likely number produced. All known Harvard clocks are time only, however, "repeating" clocks are mentioned in an 1881 advertisement for the Harvard Clock Company. The following two entries from the Boston City Directories are the oldest known advertisements of Joseph Eastman and the Harvard Clock Company.


Manufacturer of 


Watchmakers’ Tools and Materials, 

Wheels and Pinions for Clocks, Stem Winding and other Watches. 

Music Boxes, Models, and Automatic Machinery.


105 Sumtner Street, Room 21, - - Boston.

Boston City Directory, 1880

Edwin Chaffin, Pres.                                     Edwin o. CHILES, treas.

Jos. H. Eastman, Gen’l Manager.              James Bridgeman, Supt.


------manufacturers of------ 

Marine and Lock Chronometers,

Companion, repeating, and mantel clocks, 



fine time-keeping instruments generally.


147 Columbus Avenue, Boston, Mass.

Boston City Directory, 1881

harvard1054.jpg (218027 bytes)
6.75" Marine, #1054

393.jpg (218027 bytes)
6" Marine, #393

39DSC_18853.jpg (218027 bytes)
5" Marine, #1062

DSC_1907.jpg (218027 bytes)
Companion, #550

DSC_1906.jpg (218027 bytes)
Size Comparison

35d.jpg (218027 bytes)
35c.jpg (218027 bytes)
Harvard Clock Co., circa 1880

35n.jpg (218027 bytes)
Harvard Clock Co., movement #35, 11 jewel, second oldest known Harvard marine movement, circa 1880

H76.jpg (218027 bytes)
11 jewel escapement, Harvard Clock Co., #76, circa 1880

NEend.jpg (218027 bytes)
DSC_1897.jpg (218027 bytes)
cornfieldpt.jpg (218027 bytes)
5" Marine, #361, served on Light Vessel 44, U.S.Light House Establishment, Northeast End, N.J., 1882-1926, Cornfield Point, CT., 1926-1938

lv44.jpg (218027 bytes)
U. S. Treasury Department letter concerning LV-44, circa 1889

Statenlslv442.jpg (218027 bytes)
2332.jpg (218027 bytes)
lv441938.jpg (218027 bytes)
4.25" Marine, #233, along with #361, served on Light Vessel 44, LV-44, Staten Island Depot, 1912, and after hurricane of 1938

DSC_1910.jpg (218027 bytes)
Shelf, #1031

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