Record Book One: Clocks #1-#5440

Serial Number Movement type
0001-0660 A, pendulum regulator
0200-1199 B, marine
1200-2120 A, pendulum regulator
2121-2798 B, marine
2799-2897 D, carriage
2898-2929 B, marine
2930-3138 D, carriage
3139-3220 Recorder
3221-3460 C, striker
3461-3880 1 day
3881-3937 D, carriage
3938-4440 B, marine
4441-4644 F, ship’s bell
4645-4671 C, striker
4672-4900 F, ship’s bell
4901-5019 B, marine
5020-5259 1 day recorder
5260-5440 F, ship’s bell

Notes: The following observations were noted in review of the original book.

  1. Series 1-660 and 200-1199 overlap and two clocks, one of each type A and B exist for numbers 200-660. There is evidence that series 1-660 extended past #660.
  2. At this time it is not known if the entries Recorder, 1 day, and 1 day recorder are different movement types or possibly the same type just entered in the record differently.
  3. Movements types C and F are house strike and ship’s bell respectively, however clocks are known that are of the ship’s bell type that are from the C type number series and vice versa.
  4. Research indicates that at most 9 clocks in series 200-1199 are marked "Boston Clock Co." Clocks #208, #218, #263  , and #310 were originally marked "Boston Clock Co." but were milled and remarked by the factory, "Chelsea Clock Co." Up to 131 clocks may have been remarked in this manner by the factory. At the present time all other series are believed to be marked "Chelsea Clock Co."
  5. Serial number 1 was sold on 11/13/97 to D. Pratt and was an oak pendulum regulator.
  6. The first clock sold, #203, was sold on 9/2/97 to John Bliss & Co., NY and was a brass (4.5") marine.
  7. The lowest numbered marine clock known to be marked "Chelsea Clock Company", #208, was sold on 12/23/97 to Riggs & Bro., Phila. PA., brass (8.5") marine.  
  8. The oldest known clock is #204 , sold to Chas. C. Hutchinson, Boston, brass 4.5" marine, sold 9/13/97 and marked "Boston Clock Co."

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