Eastman Clock Company

The Eastman Clock Company was the beginning of clock manufacture in the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Joseph H. Eastman constructed the Eastman Clock Company factory building here in 1894-1896. It was this beginning that was to become the Chelsea Clock Company in 1897.  Eastman Clock Company produced limited numbers of marine, regulator, and banjo clocks.  Eastman Clock Company was sold at forclosure in mid 1896. There is documentation that Eastman retained movements marked Eastman Clock Co. after the forclosure, which he later sold at the Fairhaven Manufacturing /Vermont Clock Company in Fairhaven, Vermont. Several of the clocks shown below may have been included in this group.

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Eastman Clock Company, 1894-1896, Chelsea Clock Company, 1897-1997

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Eastman regulator, circa 1896, dial signed "H. N. Lockwood, Boston". Fairhaven MFG/Vermont Clock Company factory records show the first clock sold in 1896 to be a regulator clock exactly like this clock, sold to "H. N. Lockwood, Boston". The movement of this clock is unsigned.

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Eastman Clock Co., 10" marine, #54, dated 1896

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U.S.S. Iowa, BB-4, circa 1897

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Eastman Clock Co., 8.25" marine, #266, U.S.S. Iowa, BB-4, circa 1896

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